Throughout March, Grove City celebrates Women’s History Month by spotlighting several of the many women who help make the Grove City business community truly vibrant.

Abby Bova, owner, Grove City Nutrition

At a young age, Grove City resident Abby Bova knew exactly how she wanted to spend her days working: as her own boss. With the support of her family, she opened Grove City Nutrition in 2019 serving up energizing teas and coffees, healthy shakes and plenty of positive vibes.

You opened your own business at only 21 years old, what have you learned about yourself and as a young business owner in the last few years?

Opening Grove City Nutrition when I was 21 years old shaped me into the leader I am today. I’ve come to find it’s a lot of hard work and that it’s important to stay humble. I’m very blessed to be a young business owner and have the support of the Grove City community behind me. Also, making it through the pandemic proved that I could take on anything thrown my way.

What makes you most proud?

My customers and my team. When you come into Grove City Nutrition and chat with us, you become family. I love hearing about customer vacations, accomplishments, the newest thing their children are doing. You’re not just another “drink order,” we take the time to really get to know you and consider you all part of our family.

Grove City Nutrition is in a special place – what’s the significance of that building to your family?

The building (located at 3999 Broadway in historic Town Center) holds a lot of significance for the Bova family. My great-grandmother, Lola Bova, worked in this building in the 1950s when it was Grove City Savings Bank. In fact, we found old photos of her behind the teller.

What advice would you give to a young person unsure about starting their own business?

Don’t give up. There is no better time than right now to start building your business. It’s going to be tough; you’re going to see your friends out being “free.” But I promise you, making a commitment to yourself and the business is worth it all.

When you aren’t running your business, what do you like to do around the Grove City community?

I really enjoy going out and supporting other Grove City small businesses. Working out at Buckeye Fitness, having dinner at Grove City Brewing Company, and having drinks with friends at Upper Deck or Zassy’s Cocktail Lounge.

To learn more about Abby and Grove City Nutrition, visit Facebook and Instagram. Grove City Nutrition is located at 3999 Broadway.

Jacquie Mahan, Founder & CEO, The Awesome Company

Jacquie Mahan, a fourth-generation Grove City resident, knew “home” was exactly where she wanted to open her business: The Awesome Company. While the day-to-day is creating custom screen-printed apparel, the mission of The Awesome Company is what truly fuels, motivates and inspires her.

When and why did you launch The Awesome Company?

I launched The Awesome Company in December 2016. We are a custom screen-printing studio dedicated to empowering and employing adults with autism. My son is on the spectrum and like other mothers, I was thrown into the autism community without much knowledge or experience. Through my journey, I observed that once a child with autism becomes an adult with autism, there are little to no employment opportunities. With that in mind, I started my company to change that. Everything we do is in service to the autistic employees we employ. We connect with our customers through custom apparel sales.

Describe The Awesome Company – how are you doing things differently?

The Awesome Company is a custom t-shirt and apparel screen print studio. We provide the best quality custom goods and customer service possible. More importantly, we are a place where someone with autism feels respected, valued and needed. We make accommodations for each employee so they’re set up for success including providing headphones if noises are too loud, welcoming support people and animals to help manage an employee’s anxiety or allowing many breaks. At the same time, this is also a real job with real expectations. Our employees know that what they do during their shift contributes to keeping this business running. I feel The Awesome Company provides a safe space for a neurodivergent person to come out of their shell, learn new skills, make friends and be proud of who they are.

What makes you most proud?

In life, I am most proud of my two sons, Donovan and Lincoln. They are the most awesome human beings on earth. Professionally, I am most proud of the environment we’ve created where someone with autism can feel safe to be themselves. I love watching our employees collaborate, grow and mature. Self-esteem is a big issue in the autism community. Too many autistic individuals feel misunderstood and left out. The Awesome Company was created for them. Their smiles and confidence make me proud.

Your roots run deep in Grove City. Share a little bit about your family’s history in this community.

Yes, they do! I am a fourth-generation Grove City resident. My great grandma, Edith Ford Jones, was the first to live in Grove City. She was the matriarch of our family. She worked at Kenstar Pharmacy on Broadway and drove a local school bus. My great-grandfather, Walter Ford, was a master tile setter and created mosaics on many Grove City buildings. My mom’s parents, Paul and Marilyn West raised their family here. My dad’s parents, John and Marijane Mahan, did the same. My parents, Becki West and Jeff Mahan, met while attending Brookpark Middle School. I have the best memories of walking to the IGA with my grandma, playing on the steps of the Community Club, and running around the J.C. Sommer school playground with my cousins. I would visit my Aunt Betty at her flower shop, Evans Floral, and she always gave me a free flower. Grove City has a special place in my heart.

In 1974, my dad started CJ Mahan Construction Company in Grove City. It was only natural that I started my business in Grove City too. The Grove City community is inclusive and supportive, and we are so excited to be here.

What do you like to do around Grove City?

Before my grandmother Marijane Mahan passed, my favorite thing to do in Grove City was play UNO with her and then take her to the China Bell for dinner. When I’m not working, I love to take walks at Gantz Park and visit the hidden creek. Run errands with family up and down Stringtown Road, have donuts at Jolly Pirate Donuts or lunch at The Garden Bar (the chicken salad sandwich is awesome!).

To learn more about Jacquie or The Awesome Company, visit or on Facebook and Instagram. The Awesome Company is located at 3400 Southwest Blvd in Grove City.

Brittany Hennessy, Sergeant, Grove City Division of Police

Earlier this month, Grove City Division of Police Sergeant Brittany Hennessy made history as the first female to earn the rank. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice and Sociology from Ashland University and is a defensive tactics instructor, physical fitness instructor, crisis negotiator, traffic crash reconstructionist, field training officer, member of the bike patrol team and was an officer-in-charge prior to her promotion. In addition to her new role, Brittany is a mom to two, a wife and active member of the Grove City community.

You were just named the first female sergeant in the Division’s history, what does this new title and designation mean to you?

It means a lot! I’m very proud and honored that Chief Fambro selected me to be the first female sergeant in the Division’s history. This is a huge responsibility, and I will not take it lightly. I’m excited to lead a shift and have a positive influence on officers as they grow throughout their career. Prior to my promotion, I was a Field Training Officer, which was one of my favorite secondary assignments. I am excited to continue this in a different manner as I lead and mentor a shift team.

When did you join the Grove City Division? What has been the best part of your job so far?

I joined Grove City Division of Police January 4, 2011. The best part of my job is being able to make a difference and genuinely help people. Everyone gets into this profession for a reason and while I wanted to follow in my father’s footsteps, I also wanted to make a difference. The day-to-day aspect of this job is helping people, many of whom are in some of their worst moments. Being able to help them through their tough times or make their situations slightly easier for them, is rewarding.

I also love being a Field Training Officer or “coach.” The coach has significant impact on new officers as they lead them down the correct path and help them become police officers after graduating the police academy. It is a time to teach them how to be a police officer, but to also make sure they represent the agency by demonstrating our mission statement and core values. I have valued my time training new officers.

What is the best piece of advice you received as a young officer?

The best piece of advice I received as a young officer was that being a police officer isn’t just a job, it’s a lifestyle. Officers are always held to a high standard on-duty and off-duty. Some personal behaviors may need to change when you become a police officer and you may need to reevaluate your friend group. It will be your loyal friends who remain by your side throughout your career.

You are a mom, newly-promoted sergeant and active member in the community – how do you keep a work-life balance?

To be honest, it is very hard, but attainable. My husband and I are both police officers and have two young children. We work opposite shifts and are together as a family only a couple of times throughout the week. As a result, we truly value the time we have with our kids and with each other. It has its tough times for sure, but we are determined to make it work. We both are very into fitness and make working out every day a priority, even if that means working out at 4 a.m. or 9 p.m. We also make time to have date nights, kid activities and family vacations.

What is your advice for young women who are interested in entering law enforcement?

Follow your dreams! Even when obstacles are in your way, and there will be some, keep following your dreams! In high school I knew I wanted to become a police officer. I watched my father climb the ladder all the way to police chief and I knew I wanted to follow in his footsteps. I had taken the sergeant’s exam before and did not get promoted. I didn’t give up and continued to follow my dreams, giving it everything I had, and now today I’m so honored by this promotion and title.

Tiffany Berger, owner, Breathworx614

Tiffany Berger is a mom, active community member and small business owner. She launched Breathworx614 after more than a decade as an elementary school teacher and today focuses on ways to bring well-being into her life and the lives of others.

What is “breathwork?” Is it a new concept?

In simplest terms, breathwork is using breathing to enhance your physical, mental and spiritual states of being. While breathwork can be used as a tool to nurture a relationship with stress, it is also a practice that enhances well-being and is considered a whole-body, self-healing experience. Breathwork, or conscious breathing, began in Eastern practices like Yoga and Tai Chi and can be used to educate participants on methods of managing stress, relaxation and positively impact well-being.

You were an elementary school teacher for years – what made you change the course of your career?

After spending more than a decade in the classroom as an elementary teacher, I observed many students are challenged to regulate their bodies. Having participated in various social-emotional professional development programs, I learned the powerful role trauma and stress play in children’s mental state.

During the pandemic, breathwork found me. I cultivated my personal breathwork practice first, then introduced it to my husband and children. Then I shared it with the students I tutored, and all were positively impacted. The practice of breathwork is one that is easily accessible and sustainable for all.

How do you use breathwork in your own life?

As a certified breathworker and well-being life coach, breathwork is more than a tool I use to regulate my emotions and enhance my well-being. It’s a lifestyle, naturally promoting true self-care. Throughout my day, I am consciously breathing to bring myself into the present moment. I experience my emotions and breathe in specific patterns and at specific paces to fully process what I am feeling. Breathwork has taught me to allow life to support me and receive the ease and joy we are designed to receive.

I have created a full life and I love every bit of it! Prioritizing my well-being has been key. I work to create a life that is balanced and I ensure not to overextend in areas that do not support what is important to me or doesn’t leave me feeling my best. I also have become my own best cheerleader. When I launched Breathworx614, I did not know how the community would receive it, but I knew I was operating from my heart with a desire to enhance others’ well-being. I believe, when we shine our heart and stay in alignment with our soul’s curriculum, we are destined to succeed!

When you aren’t teaching breathwork courses, what do you and your family like to do around Grove City?

As a Grove City alumnus, it was a no-brainer to return after college and raise a family here. My family and I enjoy many Grove City events, from Arts in the Alley to Boo Off Broadway to the Wine and Arts Festival and more, it is always good to connect with others in the Town Center. Grove City’s small-town feel creates a feeling of support and care. We often bike and walk the many trails as well as support our children in their Parks and Rec extracurriculars. We participate in our church’s activities and spend time with our friends and neighbors. We are proud to be a part of Grove City and grow right along with it.

You run a business, have a family and an active member of the Grove City community – to what do you credit your success?

To learn more about Tiffany or Breathworx614, visit or on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Interested in trying Breathwork? Breathworx614 is hosting a Family Breathwork event at Tranquility Salt Cave, Friday, March 24. Learn more and register online.

Brandie Wotring, Owner, Legacy Dance Center

In September 2022, the Grove City community lost a longstanding business owner, community member and friend when Reflections Dance Studio owner Wendi Koah unexpectedly passed away. Wendi operated the studio for several decades and her passing left a big hole in the close-knit dance community. Brandie Wotring, who was 15 when she met Wendi and began dancing at Reflections, knew she had to continue the legacy. She purchased the business in late 2022 and renamed it Legacy Dance Center as a nod to her friend and mentor.

This studio has been a staple in the Grove City community since the 1980s, how are you continuing its “legacy”?   

Wendi had such a big presence in Grove City and the dance world. She was known for her unique choreography and dynamic personality. The studio has been home to so many dancers over the years and we wanted to ensure the new studio had the same feeling. There are things we intentionally left untouched as a tribute. She loved the color black and painted one wall in each dance room that color. We left those as a reminder in those rooms. There’s a spot in the lobby where her dog chewed on the molding, and we also left that as a reminder. There are little things around the studio that keep her spirit alive. The Legacy Dance Center staff are all former students of Wendi. They contribute by teaching and carrying on everything Wendi taught them over the years. While the building itself may look different, the love and passion for dance Wendi instilled in so many people, is still there. That’s the legacy we want to hand down for generations to come.

The last six months have been a huge transition – what have you learned about yourself as a business owner?

This is a hard question to answer. I am a fixer. It’s who I’ve been my whole life. When there’s an issue, I come up with a solution. When there’s a problem, I’m on it. So, when it comes to the transition of continuing the studio, I’ve not really learned much about myself. My honest answer is I’ve learned it’s very difficult to be a business owner and have a clean house at the same time.

How has the community rallied around you in support of your new endeavor? 

The community has really been amazing! During the two-and-a-half months following Wendi’s passing when we were closed, I figured many kids would find new studios for dance, which was completely understandable. What I found instead was the majority of people wanted to stay and take this new journey with us. The parents of students at the studio are amazing. They’ve been understanding and patient, which is something I really appreciated. They’ve also recommended the studio to their friends. We’ve had at least one new enrollment every week since reopening.

What’s something that makes you proud?

Our competition teams have always been amazing. Most of the girls have been there since they were tiny. Wendi was a huge part of their lives and while I have known almost all of them for many years, I wasn’t sure how the transition from Wendi to myself was going to go for them. They came back and have been so strong and willing to do whatever is needed to continue Wendi’s legacy. They’ve endured so much pain and hardship this season, but they never fail to impress me with strength and determination. I’m so proud of them for continuing to come into the studio and do what they know Wendi would want them to do.

You spend a lot of time in Grove City – what’s something you like doing around town when you’re not running the studio?

Almost every Friday, my husband and I have a lunch date. Many of those dates are spent at Local Cantina. That’s probably one of my favorite things to do in Grove City.

To learn more about Brandie or Legacy Dance Center, visit, Facebook or Instagram. Legacy Dance Center is in Grove City at 3048 Southwest Blvd.