The Grove City Splash Pad in Fryer Park is located just north of the Grove City YMCA, 3600 Discovery Dr., and is open June through August when the YMCA outdoor pool is open. The Splash Pad is closed for the 2022 season.

This amenity is operated through a partnership between the City of Grove City and the Grove City YMCA. The Splash Pad is open the same hours as the Grove City YMCA outdoor pool. The YMCA is closed for the following holidays: Memorial Day, Labor Day, Independence Day and Juneteenth.

For exact times, please visit the Grove City YMCA website and expand the purple “Current Amenities” bar to view the outdoor pool hours. The facility opens by noon daily.

The bright, colorful interactive water play structures follow Discovery Frontier’s space theme and include a rocket slide and a variety of whimsical spray effects with accessibility for all.

Patrons must adhere to the rules and regulations, including those put in place to limit exposure to communicable diseases including crypto, giardia and COVID-19. Do not allow your child to drink the water; it is not filtered for drinking and contains chemicals. Do not use the splash pad if you have diarrhea or are otherwise ill.

The Splash Pad closes during severe weather or when the temperature is below 70 degrees. Please use the public restroom facilities located to the west; the YMCA restrooms are not available to non-members.

The Grove City Splash Pad is a cooperative effort of Grove City Parks and Recreation and the Grove City YMCA.

Unless otherwise noted on signage, all laws pertaining to Grove City parks apply per Grove City Code, Chapter 903, including the prohibition of smoking.