Have you received a Non-Filing Income Tax Notice from RITA?

The Regional Income Tax Agency (RITA) mailed Non-Filing Income Tax Notices to Grove City residents who have not filed municipal income tax returns for the tax years listed on the notices. Receiving a notice does not necessarily mean you have not paid your Grove City taxes, it means RITA has no record of you filing your return(s). Many times, online “free-file” programs used for filing IRS returns misleadingly make it appear that they also filed your Grove City return when they did not.

If you receive a notice or letter, you must respond to RITA by the date stated. RITA is not calling taxpayers about this matter, please be cautious about giving tax information over the phone.

You may respond by e-filing the missing return(s) on the RITA website using MyAccount, or by mailing or faxing to RITA the documents listed in the non-filing letter. If you mail or fax your response, be sure to send a copy of the notice with your response.

If you retired, had no taxable income, moved, joined the military, or were a minor, please complete the exemption portion of the notice indicating why you have not filed a return for the tax year(s) listed so RITA can update its records.

If responding to RITA by mail or by fax, all filings and documents must be sent to:

Attention: Compliance Department
PO Box 470538, Broadview Hts., OH 44147
Fax: 440-922-3510.

Failure to respond to the Non-Filing Income Tax Notice by the date indicated may result in the issue of a tax finding based on information supplied by the IRS. The IRS does not have information on City tax withheld from your wages and you will not get credit for any taxes withheld from your wages if RITA uses IRS information. To ensure you receive the correct credit, please respond to the notice.