Grove City and regional partners across central Ohio are teaming up to develop a vision for the RAPID 5 project. Community feedback is vital to creating equitable connectivity, effective transportation opportunities and enhance sustainability.

Help us imagine recreation options that connect residents to nature and improve the quality of life for all.

RAPID 5 is a unique opportunity to create a shared vision for an integrated open space network to benefit our economy, manage growth, provide access for recreation, education and health; preserve natural resources and environmental health.

This vision will create a cohesive plan for the improvement and development of the publicly owned land along five of Franklin county’s waterways. This plan is intended to be much more than a parks or greenspace master plan.

It is a vision to reframe the connectivity of the region based on the natural geography defined by our waterways; to connect all Franklin County residents to the region’s natural resources, cultural, and economic resources for recreation, commuting, commerce, education and relaxation.

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