Mayor Richard L. “Ike” Stage is pleased to issue Proclamations from the City of Grove City to recognize special occasions or outstanding accomplishments in the lives of Grove City citizens. To request a proclamation please complete the Proclamation Request Form.

The Mayor’s office reserves the right to modify or deny any proclamation request. More than one cause/event may be proclaimed simultaneously. An organization does not have exclusive rights to the day, week or month of its proclamation.

Proclamations are ceremonial documents signed by the Mayor and issued for:

  • Special Honors (i.e., retirement, birthday, anniversary, military, etc.)
  • Public Awareness
  • Boy Scout – Eagle Scout Achievement
  • Girl Scout – Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards
  • Arts and Cultural Celebrations
  • Business Awards and Achievements

Proclamations will not be issued for:

  • Matters of political controversy, ideological or religious beliefs or individual conviction
  • Events or organizations with no direct relationship to the City of Grove City
  • Campaigns or events contrary to City policies