The Grove City Planning Commission held a meeting Tues., Oct. 5 to review three items on the agenda: one Plat, one Lot Split and one Final Development Plan

Planning Commission approved the Lot Split.

Beulah Park Subarea A was a Lot Split application to split 3.319 acres from a 12.258-acre tract of land located in Beulah Park Subarea A at the corner of Columbus St. and Southwest Blvd.

Planning Commission recommended approval of two items to City Council.

Pinnacle Quarry Section 2 was a Plat application to create 36 single-family home lots and four reserves on 8.691 acres, within the Pinnacle Quarry subdivision.

Beulah Park Subarea C was a Final Development Plan application to approve building architecture for single-family homes on lots 36-48 in Beulah Park Subarea C.

For more information, or to learn about additional development projects in the community, visit the Ongoing Development page or contact the Development Department at 614-277-3004.