The Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission (MORPC) has certified Grove City as Sustainable2050 community for promoting sustainability.

Sustainable2050 is a program that supports communities’ sustainability efforts through direct technical assistance, collaboration, and recognition. Each member’s tier status is determined by the number of eligible activities it carries out in five categories corresponding to MORPC’s Regional Sustainability Agenda.

Grove City has completed 28 eligible activities across all five categories, achieving the Gold designation. Highlights from Grove City include:

  • A commitment to increasing the percentage of vehicles using alternative fuels. The city was among the first communities in Central Ohio to provide public electric vehicle charging stations.
  • The adoption of an Idle-Free policy.
  • The city’s annual EcoFest, which celebrates the community’s commitment to public and environmental health and wellbeing. EcoFest helps to increase awareness of various programs, including MORPC’s home weatherization services, and programs offered through AEP, Columbia Gas and other providers.

MORPC’s Air Quality program provides air quality forecasts and alerts to keep the public informed about elevated levels of air pollution and how to respond. Residents and businesses can subscribe for free to MORPC’s Air Quality Alerts to stay aware of air pollution levels. The program also works to make the air in Central Ohio safer to breathe through education and by working with local governments and businesses to reduce emissions.

Visit MORPC’s Air Quality program webpage and sign up for free Air Quality Alerts  or call MORPC’s toll-free air quality hotline at 1-888-666-1009 for the latest forecast. MORPC’s toll-free Air Quality hotline has English and Spanish language options to best serve the Central Ohio community.

MORPC offers home energy efficiency and safety services at no cost to income-eligible residents to keep them warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, all while lowering energy bills. These programs are available all year to Franklin County residents. Services may include repair or replacement of furnaces and water heaters, attic and side wall insulation, air sealing, and replacement of refrigerators and light bulbs with more efficient models. These programs are available thanks to funding from Columbia Gas, American Electric Power, and the Ohio Development Services Agency.

Apply by calling 614-621-1171 or visit the MORPC Home Energy Efficiency web page  for more information.