Grove City consistently strives to add to and maintain parks and recreation facilities throughout the city.

Current projects include the renovation of the Evans Center in Windsor Park and the restoration of Marsh Run in Gantz Park.

Marsh Run Restoration in Gantz Park

Excuse our mess! Grove City is restoring Marsh Run in Gantz Park from the main parking lot east to Gantz Road.

Over time, the creek has been straightened, experienced entrenchment leading to erosion, polluted with runoff from the road and overrun with invasive plant and tree species such as honeysuckle.

This project, financed by a grant from the CleanOhio Conservation Fund, will return Marsh Run to a more natural condition. This includes clearing trees and replanting with hardy native species of trees and shrubs, as well as stabilizing the creek by raising the channel bed, regrading and reinforcing eroded banks, and rerouting the water flow further from Home Road.

While it might seem like there are long pauses in work, the project timeline is planned to minimize disruption to wildlife and maximize the establishment of new trees and shrubs. Trees will be felled in March, vegetation cleared in April and work on the stream bed starts in May and continues through the summer. New trees and shrubs will be planted in late fall to enhance healthy root development.

We appreciate your patience and know you share our excitement about making Grove City’s first park a premier destination for experiencing nature.

Marsh Run Project Area

Project Timeline

  • March: tree felling
  • April: vegetation removal
  • May-summer: streambed reconstruction
  • November: planting of native species of trees and shrubs