The Grove City Higher Education Program provides two investment programs for residents attending college or a skilled trades labor program.

  • The annual application deadlines are:
    • July 1 for fall semester.
    • November 1 for winter/spring semesters.
    • April 1 for summer semester.

College Scholarship Investment Program

The College Scholarship Program is designed to assist students with the financial obligations of obtaining a post-secondary education.

To qualify:

  • Prove residency within the City of Grove City’s corporation limit.
  • Attend a participating school and agree to perform 10 hours of qualified community service for full-time students.
    • Five hours for part-time students.
  • Must also maintain a C (2.0) average per semester.

Full-time students receive:

  • $1,000 tuition payment to the student’s participating school each semester (12+ credit hours)

Part-time students receive:

  • $500 tuition payment (6-11 credit hours). Each qualifying student can reapply each semester and receive a maximum of $12,000.

The participating schools include:

  • Columbus State Community College
  • Ohio Dominican University, providing classes at the South-Western City Schools Career Academy, 4750 Big Run South Road (qualifying students may also attend Columbus State’s main, Delaware and regional campuses)
  • Ohio Christian University at Grove City Church of the Nazarene, 4770 Hoover Road.

Funding of approved applications is subject to City Council approval.

View and print the Grove City Higher Education Investment Program application, affidavit of residency, promissory note and scholarship agreement.


Submit completed application, affidavit and promissory note to Grove City Clerk of Council, 4035 Broadway, Grove City, Ohio 43123 by the appropriate semester deadline.

Grove City Skilled Trades Labor Award Program

The Skilled Trades Labor Award is designed to assist Grove City residents seeking a license or certification in a skilled trade.


  • Any Grove City resident seeking a license or certified skilled trade education.
  • Enrolled in a Registered Apprenticeship Program through the State of Ohio Apprenticeship Council
  • Approved by the Grove City Higher Education Investment Committee.


The apprenticeship expenses that qualify for up to $700 a cycle/term/semester, with a maximum of $2,100 per student include:

  • Tuition/fees
  • Coursework and books
  • Mandatory license/membership fees associated directly with the qualified program during the apprenticeship.
  • Specific equipment for trade as shown on school requirements list or approved by the instructor.
  • Public transportation to and from a training facility/educational site (not to or from work)


Applicant must be:

  • A resident of the City of Grove City, and
  • A registered apprentice in a program approved by the State of Ohio Apprenticeship Council and provide proof thereof, or in a Certificate or Licensure Program in a skilled trade occupation recognized by a State Regulatory agency; and
  • Approved by the Grove City Higher Education Investment Committee.

Applicant must:

  • Complete an application, including Affidavit of Residency and any other documentation necessary to qualify the student for the program.
  • Show proof of passage of the cycle/semester/term by submitting documentation to the Clerk of Council.
  • Complete the equivalent of two-and-a-half (2.5) volunteer service hours per month for every cycle/semester/term to the City of Grove City through the Keep Grove City Beautiful program; the VIP program; Gardens at Gantz Volunteers; the Citizens Police Academy; or such other volunteer activity or City program as approved by the Committee and submit proof to the Clerk of Council on the volunteer form(s).
  •  File Qualifying Usage Form with attached receipts/qualifying documentation/school equipment list to Clerk of Council.

View and print the Grove City Skilled Trades Labor Program application.


Submit completed application to Grove City Clerk of Council,  4035 Broadway, Grove City, Ohio 43123 by the appropriate semester deadline.