Grove City’s historic Town Center, a desirable, walkable and vibrant area, filled with opportunity for employment and entertainment. The area recently realized considerable investment and new development including a new library, Gold Star Families Memorial, Broadway Station and multiple new restaurants and shopping opportunities. However, additional opportunities still exist for redevelopment in the area.

Building on the recommendations of previous planning studies including the GroveCity2050 Community Plan and the 2008 Town Center Plan, the Town Center Framework establishes principles and general expectations to guide development in the historic core. View influencing plans and studies below:

Through a variety of public input opportunities, including a public open house and an online survey (resulting in more than 200 responses), the resulting Town Center Framework serves as a flexible document, outlining the underlying vision, strategies, priorities and principles to guide Town Center development decisions.

The Town Center Framework was adopted by Grove City City Council in February 2021.

View the full Town Center Framework document.

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