The City of Grove offers drop-off, food-waste collection in partnership with GoZERO Services, a non-profit courier service, for residential composting of kitchen food scraps. Since partnering with GoZERO in April 2021, Grove City residents have recycled over 34,000 lbs. of food waste.

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Once registration is complete, it’s easy to get started! Residents collect food scraps in a container of their choice and then at a time convenient for them, drop scraps into the GoZERO lime-green containers located behind Brookpark Middle School, 2803 Southwest Blvd., in the rear corner of the west parking lot. Plastic baggies, grocery bags or trash bags should not be used. GoZERO empties and cleans the containers each week.

Participants can help make Grove City’s composting program successful by discarding only approved compostable materials from personal containers or using liners certified by the Biodegradable Products Institute.

The use of compostable liners is encouraged, especially during summer months; however, it is important to use the correct type. GoZERO requires the use of BPI Certified Liners only. All liners must carry a “BPI compostable” mark.

Follow these guidelines to ensure only desired compost material is processed:

Accepted Materials (Food Waste Only) 

  • Meat
  • Small bones
  • Fruits and vegetables including beans, nuts, peels and cores
  • Dairy products including milk, yogurts and cheeses
  • Eggs including shells
  • Breads, grains, cereals and pastas
  • Sauces, condiments and syrups
  • Seasonings, herbs and spices
  • Sweets and candies
  • Coffee grounds 

Not Accepted

  • Yard waste including leaves, wood and stone
  • Pet waste
  • PLU/UPC stickers
  • Rubber bands, twine, twist ties or other bundling materials
  • Jars, wrappers, foil, bags, tubs, trays and other plastic or Styrofoam containers
  • Plastic bags and other non-compostable plastics including coatings and films
  • Metal including cans and aluminum foil
  • Glass
  • Healthcare products and medical waste
  • Electronics

To reduce food waste, SWACO and The Central Food Waste Initiative created the “Save More Than Food” program, an awareness campaign dedicated to sharing the impact food waste has on the health of our community, economy and environment. To learn more about this important program, visit the Save More Than Food website.


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