COTA//Plus, Central Ohio’s first on-demand micro-transit program, launched in Grove City in July 2019. This first-of-its-kind service integrates technology with a micro-transit solution to provide customers with improved access to jobs, healthcare, destinations and more.

Operated by trained COTA personnel, COTA//Plus offers a fast, convenient and comfortable mobility solution for either point-to-point trips or connections to or from a COTA transit stop. COTA customers are able to arrange a trip either through a mobile phone app or by calling COTA’s Customer Service.

COTA//Plus offers a fast, convenient and comfortable transit solution. Multiple passengers heading in the same direction can schedule a shared vehicle. COTA//Plus is a community service, smart enough to come when and where you want it. Share your ride with other travelers. Best of all, rides to or from COTA bus stops are no cost.

Residents and employees can travel within the designated Grove City zone from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m., Monday through Friday, including service to Mount Carmel Grove City and Southpark Industrial area. Customers can request a ride using the COTA//Plus mobile app or by calling COTA customer support at 614-308-4400, and within 15 minutes, a COTA//Plus six-person vehicle operated by a COTA driver will respond and arrive to the pickup location.

COTA//Plus is powered by Via a branded application for download available on Google Play Store or Apple App Store, that allows fare payment, trip planning and operator requests. Once you schedule your trip, the fare will be charged to your COTA//Plus account. Payment is only accepted through the COTA//Plus app. The service is available to all, including riders with disabilities, Medicare and other qualified riders.

Base Fare $3/ride
One-day Pass $6
Five-day Pass* $20
Senior 65+ $2/ride
Student** No cost

This ride-sharing service is comparable to Uber or Lyft, but all of the rides are only $3 for a single trip, $2 for seniors, $6 for a one-day pass or $20 for an unlimited five-day pass. COTA//Plus vehicles will pick you up from your curb or the nearest corner and drive you to a Grove City destination.

*Customers can purchase new passes or have their expired pass replaced at no cost at the COTA Customer Experience Center.
**There is no cost for students to travel to and from school, within the Grove City Zone.

How it Works:
1. Request a ride via the COTA//Plus App or through a phone; call 614-308-4400.
2. Meet your COTA//Plus driver at the set pickup location.
3. Enjoy the ride to your destination.