The Columbus Street Improvements Project is currently under conceptual development and seeking project funding from Ohio Public Works Commission (OPWC) and Water Pollution Control Loan Fund (WPCLF) OEPA.  The project will include significant utility upgrades, full roadway reconstruction, and improved pedestrian facilities.”

Wet Weather Sanitary Improvements

The Columbus Street Sanitary Relief Sewer will consist of 15- and 18-inch diameter sewers to intercept wet-weather-induced high sewage flows at critical points along the existing Columbus Street sanitary sewer system between Dudley Avenue and Hoover Road. The proposed sanitary relief sewer project will reduce the potential for water-in-basement occurrences in the neighborhoods throughout the adjacent sewershed, benefitting more than 1,600 parcels.

Storm Improvements

The proposed stormwater system improvement for this flooding location consists of upsizing the existing 12-inch through 18-inch diameter storm sewer which runs along Columbus Street to a 24-inch diameter storm sewer. The existing outfall location for this storm sewer goes south of Columbus Street and passes underneath the west end of a building at 2735 Columbus Street.

The proposed project would bulkhead this existing storm sewer and redirect the outfall further east along Columbus Street and then through Swearingen Park to West Water Run. Improvements also include upsizing the existing 30-inch storm sewer along the rear of the properties along Maplegrove Drive, which is an area that currently experiences roadway flooding during heavy rain events.

View the Columbus Street Improvements meeting presentation, August 2022.