The extension of Columbus Street and new at-grade railroad crossing will allow for the redevelopment of the adjacent parcels and provide connectivity to the former Beulah Park site. The improvement will consist of a new public roadway, ancillary infrastructure improvements including storm sewers, waterlines, streetlights and sidewalks.

Additionally, this plan will incorporate a public plaza, a public parking lot with underground stormwater storage and other streetscape amenities to enhance the Town Center experience and serve as a gateway to the Beulah redevelopment.

The project limits for the at-grade railroad crossing extend along the existing CSXT mainline track at Grant Avenue to a proposed crossing northeast of Front Street where the Columbus Street extension will be located.

Next Steps

The small public parking lot behind Mill Street Market, Columbus Street and Broadway, will be taken out of service beginning Monday, June 21 for new lot construction.

  • Storm sewer and stormwater underground detention chambers continue to be installed during the next several weeks.
  • Major excavation and embankment construction for new parking lot and future alignment of Columbus Street.

Construction Schedule

  • Contract Duration: January 2021 to November 2021



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