Hear the appeal of Lonnie C. Maxson, Maxson Builders, representing the property owners Joe and Patty Vucjak at 4274 Moore Ave. (Parcel #040-000370) for the following variances:

  1. Section 1135.10-I (a): to exceed the maximum square footage of 9000sf for all garage buildings combined by 372sf, for a total garage area of 1,272sf.
  2. Section 1135.10-I (a): to construct a steel garage building with a different exterior finish than the main building.
  3. Section (Table) 1135.10-I: to encroach the 25’ rear yard setback by 8’, for a total setback of 17’, with a garage.
  4. Section (Table) 1135.10-I: to encroach the 6’ side yard by 2’ with a garage building, for a total side yard setback of 4’.

Supplemental Materials