Spring is here, providing an opportunity to begin home clean-up and improvement projects.

Regular property maintenance increases property values, reduces the chances of more severe home maintenance repairs and provides a neighborhood clean-up incentive while fostering community pride.

Grove City is committed to preserving its history as a clean, well-maintained community through multiple initiatives.

Beginning in May, in concert with Building Safety Month, Grove City Building Division associates will accelerate property assessments for overgrown yards, debris, inoperable vehicles and safety violations; violators will be immediately notified.

The City recently enlisted 330 volunteers to join in a community clean-up effort. The single-day effort collected 170 bags (3,470 lbs.) of trash. Residents and businesses are encouraged to assist in clean-up efforts through the Adopt-a-Street, Recycle Right and food-waste composting programs, and by notifying the Building Division of observed maintenance and trash violations.

Building Division associates are always available to assist residents planning for home repairs and improvements. Contact the Grove City Building Division at 614-277-3075 or visit the Building Division web page.

Visit the Grove City Shredding Day and the Jackson Township Seasonal Cleanup web page and the Keep Grove City Beautiful for additional clean-up and adopt-a-street or park information.