Street Maintenance Division

The street division is responsible for the maintenance of city streets, public roads and alleys. They oversee refuse pickup and recycling, miscellaneous cleanups, street sweeping and dead animal disposal.  The division maintains 155 miles of streets and is responsible for pot hole and blacktop repair, painting and stripping, mowing in the right-of-ways and on freeway entrance ramps. They repair and replace traffic lights, pedestrian crosswalks, street lights, pick up leaves, and remove snow and ice.  The division is responsible for the placement of hanging banners, flags and all holiday decorations, barricades, road closures and posting of no parking signs for all special events.

The City implements an annual street maintenance program to maintain and improve the roadways for the safety of the traveling public. The Street Maintenance Program operates from late spring through fall. Projects include resurfacing of various arterial and residential streets, sidewalk and curb ramp reconstruction, bike path maintenance and crack filling.

Each year, Grove City identifies and evaluates the roadways considered to be in poor condition and prioritizes those street segments for preventative maintenance and repair.

Residents on a street selected for maintenance will be notified by a door-hanger placed on their door no less than 48 hours prior to construction activities. The door-hanger will indicate the date, duration, and construction activity to be performed, as well as any special information you might need including contractor contact information, roadway parking restrictions or minor access restrictions. “No Parking” signs will be posted in appropriate areas no less than 48 hours in advance of any parking restriction.

Although the City strives to keep maintenance inconveniences to a minimum, at times the work required necessitates street or lane closures and temporary sidewalk and driveway closures. Your patience is greatly appreciated as we continue to create a community that residents can take pride in. If you have questions concerning the timing of these projects, contact the Grove City Service Department at 614-277-1100.

Certain street lights are maintained by the Grove City Service Department while others are the responsibility of AEP. The metal light poles are maintained by the city, while the wooden poles are maintained by AEP. Call 614-277-1100 to report either light. For metal poles note the street and pole number; and wooden poles note the nearest address. Complete a Streetlight Maintenance Request to notify AEP of a wooden pole not working.

The Grove City Service Department is responsible for maintaining traffic lights and pedestrian crosswalk lights. To report a non-functioning traffic light or pedestrian light please call the Service Department, Monday-Friday, 7 a.m.-4 p.m., after 4 p.m. contact the Grove City Division of Police at 614-277-1710 (non-emergency number).

The Grove City Service Department erects and maintains all signage in the right-of-way (i.e. stop, no parking, street names, etc.). Please report any damage to signage by calling 614-277-1100, Monday-Friday, 7 a.m.-4 p.m. If a stop sign or any potentially dangerous signs are down after 4 p.m., please call 614-277-1710.

The Director of Public Safety is responsible for the placement and timing of all traffic control devices including street signs and traffic signals. Requests for new or altered signage or other traffic control devices for City roadways please call 614-277-1100.

To report damage to roads within the City not including the interstates, contact the Grove City Service Department at 614-277-1100.

The Grove City Service Department will pick up dead animals from a city street or city property Monday-Friday, 7 a.m.-4 p.m. To report a dead animal call 614-277-1100. If you have a wild animal causing a nuisance please call 614-277-1100.

Downtown and commercial areas are swept twice monthly for an eight-month period, as part of the Grove City Service Department’s street sweeping program. Questions can be directed to 614-277-1100.

The Grove City Service Department salts and removes snow on city streets. Plows typically are not used for snow accumulation under 2 inches. Road treatments are prioritized with main arteries cleared first (i.e. Broadway, Stringtown Road, Hoover Road, Kingston Avenue). This is followed by secondary streets. Neighborhood side streets and courts are plowed last, but not salted (maintaining main roads takes precedence over these streets). Property owners are responsible for clearing their sidewalks and we ask their help in keeping storm drains clear to deter standing water. If you have questions or concerns, please call 614-277-1100.