The Big Splash


The Big Splash Family Aquatics Center is a municipal water park serving the residents of Grove City and Jackson Township. It is open seasonally Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day when the South-Western City School District is not in session.

The water park features a large zero-depth entrance, climbing walls and two large body slides. Patrons also enjoy green space and lounge chairs.

Determine if you are a Grove City or Jackson Township resident by visiting the Franklin County Auditor website. Resident parcel ID numbers start with 040 or 160.

Splash Pad
Grove City offers a Splash Pad in Fryer Park, 3899 Orders Road, that is open to the public. Visit the Splash Pad page for more information.

Our Location

The Big Splash
2831 Southwest Blvd.
Grove City, 43123

Phone: 614-277-1818

Season Pass Information

Season pass sales for The Big Splash

A season pass is required to enter The Big Splash. To ensure season pass holders can enjoy the facility as much as possible, visitors who do not have a season pass are only permitted as paid guests of season pass holders. A season pass for a child younger than 3 years is no cost (must be supervised by a season pass holder age 16 or older at all times).

Purchase a season pass online. Each individual purchases a separate pass; family passes and price tiers based on age are no longer offered. A season pass may be purchased by a resident of Grove City or unincorporated Jackson Township for $50. A non-resident may purchase a pass for $100. Credit payments over the phone are no longer available.

Employment Opportunities

Looking for a fun job where you can work outside all summer and have your evenings free? Check out the available positions for the upcoming summer  through SwimSafe Pool Management, Grove City’s partner in managing The Big Splash. Please select “Apply for Columbus” to view positions at The Big Splash.

SwimSafe Hiring Lifeguards at The Big Splash

The Big Splash Policies

  • The Big Splash is available only to season pass holders and guests of pass holders. Season passes are sold individually online. There is no cost for a pass for a child younger than 3 years (must be supervised at all times by a season pass holder age 16 or older).
  • Day passes are sold only to guests of season pass holders. A maximum of two guests per season pass holder is permitted; season pass holder must be present with purchaser of day pass.
  • The Big Splash is open daily the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day, except on days the South-Western City School District is in session.
  • A season pass may be purchased by a resident of Grove City or unincorporated Jackson Township for $50. Non-residents may purchase a pass for $100.
  • By purchasing a season pass, patrons agree to adhere to all rules and regulations presented by the City including those put in place to limit exposure to communicable diseases spread by air or water including giardia and crypto.
  • Policies are subject to change at any time.

View The Big Splash Infographic for additional information.

Big Splash Rules Icons 2023

Reminders for Visitors

  • Any child 11 years or younger must be accompanied by someone age 16 or older at all times. No more than eight children can be with a single of-age supervisor.
  • Proper swim attire required. Fabrics not designed for use in pools can release dye, bacteria and fibers that degrade water quality. Metal accents can damage equipment.
  • Please only swim if you are in good health. Do not use the facility if you have symptoms of crypto or other infectious diseases including diarrhea, upset stomach, open sores, coughing, fever, runny nose, loss of taste/smell or rash.
  • No glass containers, alcohol, tobacco, weapons or pets.
  • Please note: A new pump for the interactive water features is on order and scheduled to be installed in mid-June.

Swim Lessons

Swim Safe offers swim lessons at The Big Splash starting in June in a variety of skill levels, days and times. Participants are not required to be season pass holders. Lessons begin with introduction to the water and basic safety then move through various levels as the child develops swimming skills.

Register for swim lessons at

  • Level 0: Frogs & Tadpoles (Ages 1-3 years with adult)
    Parent (or responsible adult) and child become acclimated to the water through games and songs in a group setting. Parent learns key safety tools to use near water.
  • Level 1: Flounder (Ages 3+)
    Become acclimated to the water through games and learn basic safety skills in addition to water submersion and floating with support.
    Skills: Independent movement through the water, floating on front and back, recovery from a floating position, nose/mouth bubbles, introduction to bobs and age-appropriate safety skills.
  • Level 2: Jellyfish (Ages 3+)
    Expand on the Flounder-level skills and learn to be in the water unassisted in both front and back positions while propelling self through the water using arms or legs.
    Skills: Floating, gliding, streamline body position, recovery, bobs, submersion, propulsive kicking, introduction to propulsive arms, sit dives and safety skills.
  • Level 3: Octopus (Ages 3+)
    Learn fundamental freestyle and backstroke skills with emphasis placed on coordination and timing of strokes and develop a strong flutter kick.
    Skills: Novice freestyle, novice backstroke, elementary backstroke, side glide, treading, kneel dive and safety skills.
  • Level 4: Clownfish (Ages 3+)
    Improve freestyle and backstroke while learning four competitive strokes with an emphasis on developing swim-meet strokes.
    Skills: Strong freestyle and breaststroke, strong kicks, novice breaststroke and butterfly, tread for one minute, standing dives, surface dives, flip turns and safety skills.