Frost Brown Todd LLP legal counsel serves as the City’s Law Director. Frost Brown Todd’s team:

• Attends all Council meetings and board/commission meetings.
• Represents the City in all administrative hearings and general litigation.
• Provides legal advice relating to matters of public law.
• Provides labor and employment counseling, including union negotiations.
• Represents the City in eminent domain matters.
• Reviews, approves and/or prepares all contracts and other legal documents.

Points of Contact

Law Director
Stephen J. Smith, 614-559-7258

Economic Development and Planning
Jennifer Readler, 614-559-7253

Land Acquisition
Phil Hartmann, 614-559-7206

Labor and Employment
Catherine Lacho, 614-559-7287

Lauren Swihart, 614-784-5531
Martin Nobile, 614-559-7205

Frost Brown Todd LLP
One Columbus, Suite 2300
10 West Broad Street
Columbus, OH 43215