Traffic Surveys

The Grove City Division of Police uses a variety of methods to enhance traffic safety throughout the community. One such method is the Stealth Stat. The Stealth Stat is a speed measuring device that is deployed to conduct traffic surveys in a specific area. The Stealth Stat provides information such as traffic volume, travel direction, average speed, high speeds and low speeds. The data collected from a Stealth Stat traffic survey is used to identify potential traffic problems. Armed with this data, the Division of Police can develop strategies to address those problems. A major advantage of the Stealth Stat system is that the City can save time and money because the system can pin point problem days and times and resources can be focused when and where they are needed.

The Grove City Division of Police is committed to enhancing the quality of life for our citizens. If you are a local resident and would like a traffic survey done on your street, please contact the Grove City Division of Police.