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Grove City Standard Drawings2/2019All Grove City Standard Drawings (Feb. 2019)
C-GC-012/2019Type A Manhole
C-GC-032/2019Precast Concrete Pipe Manhole
C-GC-042/2019Standard Catch Basin
C-GC-052/2019Radius Gutter Inlet
C-GC-062/2019Curb Inlet
C-GC-092/2019Curb & Gutter Inlet
C-GC-102/2019Inverted Crown Inlet
C-GC-112/201936" Manhole Frame & Cover Castings for Storm Sewers
C-GC-122/201924" Manhole Frame & Cover Casting for Storm Sewers
C-GC-132/2019Cast Iron Frame & Grate for Curb & Gutter Inlet
C-GC-142/2019Casting for Radius Curb Inlet
C-GC-152/2019Frame & Grates for Inverted Crown Inlet
C-GC-162/2019Cast Iron Frame for Radius Gutter Inlet
C-GC-172/201936" Casting for Grating Manhole Lid
C-GC-182/201924" Casting for Grating Manhole Lid
C-GC-192/2019Frame and Grate for Ditch and Surface Inlet
C-GC-202/2019Manhole Steps
C-GC-222/2019Typical Riser and Cleanout
C-GC-232/2019Pipe Endwall
C-GC-242/2019Pipe Headwall
C-GC-252/2019Inside Drop & Outside Drop for Manholes
C-GC-262/2019Typical Trench Sections with Type I Bedding
C-GC-272/2019Typical Trench Sections with Type II Bedding
C-GC-302/2019Service Connection for Existing Sanitary Sewer Pipe
C-GC-312/2019Standard Fire Hydrant Detail
C-GC-322/2019Fire Hydrant Location Detail
C-GC-342/2019Modified Height 24" Manhole Frame
C-GC-372/2019Typical Sanitary Service Connections and Riser
C-GC-402/2019Typical Street Name Sign
C-GC-41A2/2019Residential Driveway Approach
C-GC-41B2/2019Standard Alley/Access Road Approach
C-GC-422/2019Commercial Driveway Approach
C-GC-42B2/2019Industrial Driveway Approach
C-GC-43A2/2019Typical Wheelchair Ramp Residential New Construction
C-GC-43B2/2019Typical Arterial Street Wheelchair Ramp
C-GC-43DW2/2019ADA Curb Ramp DetectableWarning Surface
C-GC-43C2/2019Typical Wheelchair Ramp Residential Re-Construction
C-GC-442/201924" Manhole Frame & Cover Castings for Sanitary Sewers
C-GC-46A2/2019Typical Sidewalk Detail
C-GC-46B2/2019Standard Drive with Sidewalk Adjacent to Curb on Public ROW
C-GC-57A2/2019Standard Concrete Combined Curb & Gutter (Continuous)
C-GC-57B2/2019Standard Concrete Combined Curb & Gutter (Removal & Replacement)
C-GC-57C2/201930" Concrete Combined Curb & Gutter (Boulevard)
C-GC-582/2019Straight 18" Concrete Curb
C-GC-592/2019Expansion Joint Detail at Curve Points
C-GC-602/2019Residential/Local Street 26' Section with Concrete Combined Curb & Gutter
C-GC-612/2019Residential/Local Street 32' Section with Concrete Combined Curb & Gutter
C-GC-622/2019Collector Street 36' Section With Concrete Combined Curb & Gutter
C-GC-632/2019Minor Arterial Street 44' Section with Concrete Combined Curb & Gutter
C-GC-642/2019Primary Arterial Street 68' Section With Concrete Combined Curb & Gutter
C-GC-652/2019Residential/Local Street 28' Section with Concrete Combined Curb & Gutter
C-GC-662/2019Pavement Replacement for Arterial Streets
C-GC-672/2019Pavement Replacement for Residential Streets
C-GC-682/2019Pavement Replacement for Driveways
C-GC-692/2019Pavement Replacement (Temporary)
C-GC-70A2/2019Filter Fabric Inlet Protection
C-GC-71A2/2019The Dandy Bag or Equivalent
C-GC-72A2/2019The Beaver Dam or Equivalent
C-GC-73A2/2019Aggregate Check Dam
C-GC-742/2019Sediment Fence and Mulch Sock
C-GC-75A2/2019Stabilized Construction Entrance
C-GC-75B2/2019Culvert Stream Crossing
C-GC-76A2/2019Temporary Riser Pipe
C-GC-76C2/2019Diversion Channel
C-GC-772/2019Sediment & Erosion Control General Notes
C-GC-78A2/2019Residential Underdrain Junction Box
C-GC-78B2/2019Residential Underdrain Junction Box (Walk Adjacent to Curb)
C-GC-802/2019Shared-Use Pavement Detail
C-GC-812/2019Bollard Installation Details
C-GC-822/2019Remove Bollard Detail
C-GC-832/2019Standard Shared-Use Path Ramp
C-GC-842/2019Cul-de-sac Details
C-GC-862/20199" Concrete Valley Gutter
C-GC-872/2019Retaining Wall Detail
C-GC-882/2019Brick Paver Pavement/Crosswalk Detail
C-GC-892/2019Speed Bump (Typical)
C-GC-902/2019Pavement Design Specifications for Public Streets
C-GC-90A2/2019Pavement Design Specifications for Private Streets
C-GC-912/2019Standard Alley Pavement Section
C-GC-922/201912' Tilt-Out Curb for Island & Median Applications Only
C-GC-932/2019Residential Brick Driveway Approach
C-GC-942/2019Brick Driveway Specifications
C-GC-95A2/2019Street Lighting Downtown Town Center Light Pole and Luminaire
C-GC-95B2/2019Street Lighting Post Top Light Pole with Lantern Style Luminaire
C-GC-95C2/2019Street Lighting Post Top Light Pole with Acorn Style Luminaire
C-GC-95D2/2019Street Lighting Tear Drop Street Light Pole
C-GC-95E2/2019Street Lighting Davit Street Light Pole
C-GC-95F2/2019Street Lighting Foundation
C-GC-962/2019Reinforced Fence
C-GC-972/2019Timber Pedestrian Fence
C-GC-99A2/2019Small Cell Facilities on Existing Pole
C-GC-99B2/2019Small Cell Facilities on Metal Pole
C-GC-99C2/2019Type 2 - Small Cell Tower
C-GC-99C2/2019Small Cell Facilities Utility Setback
C-GC-1002/2019Communication Duct Bank - 1" Only
C-GC-1012/2019Communication Duct Bank - Pull Box
C-GC-1022/2019Record Drawing Review Process and Checklist