Land Use

Over the past two decades, Grove City has been among the fastest growing cities in the central Ohio region and is expected to continue to grow in this manner. The Land Use chapter of GroveCity2050 guides growth in a way that maintains and enhances the qualities residents treasure and considers strategies in response to the changes in market demand, while keeping the City fiscally strong.

The Future Land Use and Character Map below demonstrates the City’s intent for how Grove City should grow. For additional information on these character types or other information related to land use, please view the Land Use chapter of the GroveCity2050 Community Plan.

View the interactive GroveCity2050 Future Land Use map.

Goals and Objectives

GOAL (the intended outcome applying the Land Use chapter of GroveCity2050)

Deliberate use of land resources that strengthens the quality and character of development while balancing redevelopment and strategic expansion with open space preservation.


  1. Ensure future development reflects desired patterns and character
  2. Place priority on developing under-utilized land and land adjacent to existing development served by infrastructure over undeveloped land on the City’s edge
  3. Focus on the Town Center and gateways for revitalization efforts and development aesthetics
  4. Ensure that residential development will exhibit strong neighborhood qualities including walkability, integrated open space (parks) and a variety of housing options
  5. Expand parks and recreational opportunities throughout the City
  6. Be a regional leader in sustainable development
  7. Expand efforts to plan collaboratively with area jurisdictions and organizations