Economic Development

This chapter includes a summary of Grove City’s current economic base, identification of competitive advantages and target industry opportunities for future recruitment, retention and marketing. GroveCity2050 is the Economic Development program/tool that will create additional business and employment growth, ultimately benefitting the community through an expanded income tax base.


A list of key industries was identified for recruitment and/or development in Grove City based on the City’s competitive advantages, industry clustering analysis, community priorities and stakeholder input.

  • Health Care Services – build on synergies created by new Mount Carmel and OhioHealth hospitals to attract other types of practices.
  • Techflex Districts – provide for a wide range of employment opportunities including office, institutional, research and development and light industrial.
  • Education & Training – Grove City’s central location, with excellent accessibility to a broad catchment area of Franklin County, would be attractive to universities expanding their market reach.
  • Administrative Services – Grove City can build on existing strengths, while broadening its agglomeration of administrative services such as human resources and training services; “back office” services such as billing, bookkeeping, payroll and account services; and other business services such as customer service, data collection, printing and application design and development.

For a full list of targeted industries and more information on the economic development strategy, please view the Economic Development chapter of the GroveCity2050 Community Plan.

Goals and Objectives

GOAL (the intended outcome from applying the Economic Development chapter of GroveCity2050)

Intentional use and deployment of strategic economic policies to diversify and strengthen the local economic base, workforce and broadening of employment opportunities.


  1. Diversify employment sectors to obtain the jobs desired by residents
  2. Promote the City as a desirable place to do business
  3. Foster and grow the local entrepreneurial spirit
  4. Provide infrastructure and public services to support and expand the City’s employment centers
  5. Advance higher education and expand workforce training opportunities
  6. Expand amenities to attract quality employers and continue to grow the tourism sector
  7. Adopt policies to encourage and support a variety of development business types
  8. Partner with SWACO to promote “green” industries