Development Review Process

One of the department’s basic functions is to regulate the community’s growth and development. This control is centered in the Development Department’s administration of the development review process. Department staff work with and assist applicants through the review process, from conceptual plan submittal through final plan approval. As part of this process, applications are reviewed and evaluated to ensure proposed improvements are in compliance with city codes and regulations as well as ensuring proposed projects result in quality development.

In general, development review is a three-step process that varies in length depending on the type of application. The process begins with administrative review where plans are submitted for review and comment by various city departments and other local agencies. Once complete, the project moves forward to Planning Commission for public comment, review and recommendation. Following Planning Commission, projects proceed to City Council for additional public comment and final action. Typically, it takes eight to ten weeks to progress from application submission to Council approval.

Download the Review and Approval Process graphic to obtain the specific approval process based on application type.