The Art Concern

Members of the Grove City Council are proud to sponsor The Art Concern which features artists throughout Grove City and central Ohio. The Art Concern was created for the expressed purpose of promoting culture in the Grove City community.

We invite you to visit each exhibit, in City Hall, 4035 Broadway, in the Grove City Town Center. City Hall is open, for the exhibit, Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Visitors can schedule an appointment by contacting Tami Kelly at 614-277-3065.

Interested in exhibiting your artwork? Contact Curator Dean Kette or Tami Kelly, Clerk of Council for more information.

In Memoriam: Special thanks to founder and curator of the Art Concern, Ray Kline, for his years of dedicated service to the Grove City cultural arts community.

Grove City Art Concern Virtual Exhibit
Through the Lens Photography Club Central Ohio

Grove City Council’s Art Concern presents a collection of work by members of Through the Lens Photography Club Central Ohio. This virtual exhibit highlights the work hung in Grove City Hall, available for public viewing by appointment only. Call 614-277-3065 to schedule an appointment.

All work displayed in this exhibition is available for sale by contacting the Club directly at or call/text 614-402-6305.

Through the Lens Photography Club Central Ohio is a community of photographers at all levels of experience who have come together to share ideas and knowledge with each other. The Club is organized and operated exclusively for social, charitable and educational purposes in order to improve the skills of its members and promote photography in central Ohio communities

Find all Art Concern Virtual Exhibits on the Grove City YouTube channel.