Contractor Board of Review

The Grove City Building Division offers residents and contractors a resource that is unique among central Ohio cities of similar size. In 2002, Grove City created a Contractor Board of Review under the auspices of the Building Division to bring an unbiased body together to evaluate compliance. Prior to the formation of the board, complaints were heard by the City Administrator, the Chief Building Official and the Safety Director.

The board hears appeals by homeowners or subcontractors against contractors or by contractors against subcontractors when a dispute arises over workmanship on a project. The board is authorized only to make judgments regarding violation of City code or building standards and cannot issue financial awards. Should the work of a contractor or subcontractor be found in violation, the board has the authority to suspend the Grove City registration of the contractor or subcontractor for up to six months or to revoke it entirely.

Without that registration, permits will not be granted by the Building Division. Initial registration requires a $15,000 bond and $300,000 liability insurance for contractors, as well as registration with the Regional Income Tax Authority. Contractors in the following fields also must be licensed under the Ohio Construction Industry Licensing Board: plumbing; electric; HVAC; refrigeration; and hydronics. Home-improvement contractors must be licensed by Columbus or pass a test administered by a recognized testing agency.

Because the board can only make decisions regarding City registration of contractors, it can take no action against non-registered contractors. Before hiring a contractor, residents are encouraged to check the Building Division’s list of registered contractors via the link on the right side of this page.

Members of the Contractor Board of Review are appointed to three-year terms by the Chief Building Official and serve on a voluntary basis. They may be reappointed when their terms expire.

The Contractor Board of Review tentatively meets the first Tuesday of each quarter at 5:30 p.m. in City Hall, 4035 Broadway.

Contractor Board of Review Members

Complaints can be registered through the Building Division, download the Contractor Board of Review Complaint Form. For more information, call 614-277-3075.

Erik Whitlock, Chairman
Will Wilhelm, Vice-Chairman
Rob Davis
Mark “Tony” Haughn
Laura Scott, Board Secretary
Justin Taylor, Board Advisor