Do-Not-Knock Registry

Grove City Council enacted Section 720.10 of the codified ordinances titled “Do-Not-Knock Registry” Dec. 5, 2016. Residents who do not want to be visited by commercial peddlers/solicitors may add their names to the City’s Do-Not-Knock Registry.

The registry applies only to commercial peddlers/solicitors and not to religious, charitable and political solicitors. The City will continue to provide residents who want to deter all solicitors with window clings asserting “No canvassers, solicitors or peddlers allowed” at no charge.

The registry is completely voluntary and expires Dec. 31 annually. Updates to the registry are posted the first business day of each month.

Download the Do-Not-Knock Registry, updated May 2023.

If you have questions, contact Jennifer Uhrin at 614-277-3006.

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