Mayor’s Office

In November 2019, Richard L. “Ike” Stage was elected to the position of Mayor for a fourth consecutive term. Stage also served as Mayor from April 1988 through December 1995 and served as the appointed City Administrator of Grove City from January 2000 through November 2003. Stage was elected to City Council in 2005 as the Councilman-at-large and served a two-year term ending Jan. 1, 2008.

  • The Mayor attends all meetings of Council with the right to participate in debate, but not to vote. He also appoints the members of boards or commissions.
  • As chief executive, the Mayor appoints (or delegates to the City Administrator) all City employees, subject to the provisions of the Charter and the State Civil Service Law.
  • The Mayor submits the City’s tax budget estimates and spending appropriation to Council annually.
  • View Article III of the City Charter, The Mayor.

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