Boards and Commissions

The Mayor and City Council established advisory boards and commissions allowing citizens to advise and assist City administration. Residents participate and make recommendations to City officials on a variety of topics. City staff members serve as coordinators with each of these groups.

The Zoning Board of Appeals has three (3) citizen members appointed to overlapping terms of four (4) years. Unless otherwise provided by Council, this Board shall have all the power and authority conferred upon such boards by general State law and shall conduct its affairs in a manner provided by such State law.

Current Members Term Expires
John W. Brant December 31, 2026
Tony Haughn December 31, 2024
George Holinga, Chairperson December 31, 2025

The Civil Service Commission consists of three (3) citizen members appointed to overlapping terms of four (4) years. The Commission administers all examinations for Civil Service positions.

Current Members Term Expires
Marjorie Brant December 31, 2026
Keith Larsen December 31, 2023
Ron Rist December 31, 2025
Stephen Smith Jr., Legal Advisor
The Park Board Members has five (5) citizen members that serve three-year terms. Members review and make recommendations regarding parks, recreation, open/green space and cultural arts.

Current Members Term Expires
Sam Clark December 31, 2023
Jamie Hannon December 31, 2024
Gary James December 31, 2023
Wayne Kintz December 31, 2026
Tricia Zelenak December 31, 2025
Mark Sigrist Council Liaison

The Planning Commission consists of five citizen members who serve overlapping four-year terms. Members advise City Council on land use, planning issues and proposed Zoning Code amendments. They also review zoning and conditional use matters, plats and development plans.

Current Members Term Expires
Julie Oyster, Chairperson December 31, 2025
Michael Farnsworth December 31, 2024
David Frea, Vice Chairperson December 31, 2023
Jim Rauck December 31, 2025
Larry Titus December 31, 2025

The Historical and Cultural Arts Commission has seven (7) members that serve three-year terms. The Commission develops programs promoting history and cultural arts while working in cooperation with local organizations with similar goals. These programs focus on the City of Grove City but will include related history and cultural areas within the greater community that includes Jackson, Franklin, Prairie and Pleasant townships. This Commission is a recommending body for public artwork and murals.

Current Members Term Expires
CJ Andrews December 31, 2025
Chloe Dickson December 31, 2023
Dennise Hunt December 31, 2023
John Maxson December 31, 2024
Lisa Napier-Garcia December 31, 2024
Janet Shailer December 31, 2025
Rob Stroup December 31, 2024

The Records Commission identifies and preserves the City’s historical records and documents for the future. The Commission meets twice a year. Members include the City Administrator, the Director of Finance, the Law Director and a citizen appointed by City Council to serve a three-year term.

Current Members Term Expires
Debbie Reeves December 31, 2023
Chuck Boso, City Administrator
Stephen Smith Jr.
Mike Turner, Finance Director
The Keep Grove City Beautiful Committee is a volunteer effort supported by the City of Grove City and the community to promote, educate and motivate all citizens to keep the city and environment clean. The Board sponsors and helps coordinate environmental community events each year.

Current Members Term Expires
Michelle Fulks, Chairperson December 31, 2023
Camille Kopczewski, Co-Chair December 31, 2024
Wendy Davis, Secretary December 31, 2025
Jennifer Eschbach December 31, 2024
Marc Fleming December 31, 2023
Dale Heiser December 31, 2023
Mary LeStourgeon December 31, 2023
Michael Murry December 31, 2024
Bill Myers December 31, 2025
Staci Patzer December 31, 2023
Ethiennette Rodriguez December 31, 2024
Tricia Zelenak December 31, 2024

The Tree Commission is responsible for keeping the community informed of new findings on tree pests/diseases; education on the proper planting, watering and mulching techniques of trees and helping to prune street trees once a month during the growing season. The Commission sponsors and helps with environmental community events each year.

Current Members Term Expires
Maureen Cahill December 31, 2023
Dickson Dickson December 31, 2024
Mark Lowe December 31, 2024
Jack Moore December 31, 2023
Dan Snyder December 31, 2024

The Audit Committee consists of three (3) members. City Council appoints two (2) members and the Mayor appoints one (1) member. The Audit Committee is responsible for reviewing the annual unaudited financial report, reviews audit results and assures the audit recommendations are appropriately addressed. Members serve as a liaison between management and the independent auditors.

Current Members Term Expires
Paul Alexeff December 31, 2023
Tim Harris September 30, 2024
Michael Farnsworth September 30, 2025
Mike Turner, Finance Director
Chuck Boso, City Administrator

The Tax Review Board

Current Members Term Expires
Paul Alexeff December 31, 2023
Michael Farnsworth November 15, 2023
Cindi Sgalla November 15, 2023
Tami Kelly

View Resolution No. CR-05-19, a resolution establishing a Grove City Environmental Sustainability Committee.

The Environmental Sustainability Committee’s goals are to meet the needs of the present while supporting the future needs and long-term growth for the Grove City community. The committee promotes resource  conservation, social equity and environmental responsibility while educating and supporting community  involvement for a better quality of life now and for future generations

This Committee is comprised of the City’s environmental coordinator; five members of the Grove City area community and three Grove City businesses with sustainable practices, appointed by the Mayor. The Council Chair for the Service Committee shall be an ex-officio member.

  • Cathy Becker
  • Bo Blackstone
  • Scott Compton
  • Glorianna Corman
  • Zachary Kabelen
  • Brian Klei
  • Rick Rosine
  • Kennedy Yowell
  • Linda Rosine
  • Councilmember Christine Houk

The Grove City Area Community Improvement Corporation (CIC) was incorporated on August 8, 1979 in order to advance, encourage, and promote the industrial, economic, commercial and civic development of the City as well as those other municipalities located therein. In accordance with the Articles of Incorporation, the CIC serves a geographic area of approximately 116 square miles, comprised of Franklin Township, Pleasant Township and Jackson Township in southwest Franklin County. The CIC is the agency and instrumentality of the City for industrial, commercial, distribution and research development.

The mission of a Community Improvement Corporation is to advance, encourage, and promote the industrial, economic, commercial, and research development of a community and works to retain, expand, and attract capital investment and jobs to the Grove City area. Strategies used to implement our mission include the use and promotion of local, state, and federal; financial assistance, tax incentives, and training/technical assistance programs.

  • Jeff Guminey – President
  • Hugh Garside – Vice President
  • Kyle Rauch – Secretary
  • Mike Turner – Treasurer
  • Charles W. Boso, Jr.
  • Richard L. “Ike” Stage
  • Bill Vedra
  • Shane Farnsworth
  • Shelley Davis
  • Karen Evans
  • Ed Fleming
  • Tim Keck
  • Ty Marsh
  • Julie Oyster
  • Roby Schottke