Leaf Collection

Residential leaf collection is from mid-October to mid-December.

View the leaf collection map or call 614-277-1100.

What you need to know:

  • Weather may affect the schedule.
  • Keep leaves out of the street gutter.
  • Rake leaves to the grassy area (they won't hurt your lawn) between the street and sidewalk or to the edge of your lawn for streets without sidewalks.
  • Remove parked vehicles from the street between 7 am-4 pm, during your collection week.
  • Place leaves in trash cans marked "yard waste" or in large paper bags for regular refuse collection.
    • Leaves in plastic bags are not collected.
  • At the end of leaf collection, residents should bag remaining leaves and set them out for regular refuse pickup by Local Waste Services.

Whether you pile, compost or bag, review the best practices for protecting water quality and your local infrastructure by the Franklin County Soil and Water Conservation District:

  • Keep leaves out of the street and away from storm drains, ravines and streams.
  • Always use a leaf-blower to clean pavement.
  • Add leaves to composting bins but mix with high-nitrogen ingredients for best results.
  • Use leaves as mulch: to slow the growth of weeds and retain soil moisture. Leaves eventually decompose, adding nutrients to the soil and improve soil structure.