Town Center Commercial Revitalization (TCCR)

The Grant Program is a reimbursement program, part of Grove City Ordinance C-09-19 (PDF), designed to assist business and property owners with improving commercial buildings and properties.

Program Requirements

  • An applicant must be the property owner or business owner of an eligible business within the eligible area to apply to the Town Center Commercial Revitalization (TCCR) Grant Program.
  • Any property owner, business, non-profit and not-for-profit organization within the Town Center Core or Broadway Corridor may apply to the program.
  • Non-profit and not-for-profit organizations must have 501(c) status to be eligible. All applicants must be up to date with their real estate property taxes and in good standing with all local, regional, state and federal taxing authorities.
  • Ineligible businesses include national chains, sexually oriented and check cashing businesses, governmental and quasi-governmental agencies and other businesses determined by City Council to be contrary to the goals and objectives of GroveCity2050 and other community plans.
  • Four different types of improvements will be considered eligible for funding:
    • Exterior updates to facades.
    • Exterior updates to maintain the Town Center's character.
    • Utility improvements
    • Exterior and interior improvements that will protect the life, safety and welfare of the occupants and building structure.

Grant funds will not be disbursed until a completed TCCR Reimbursement Application, documentation of payment, photographs of completed projects, copies of all required permits (i.e., Building Permit, Certificate of Appropriateness and/or Sign Permit) and any other necessary documentation have been submitted to and approved by the City.