Sewer Tap Permit Fees

Required sewer tap sizes are based on the sizing of the water taps (e.g. if plans require a 2" waterline you will be required to have a 2" sewer line). 

Additionally, the corresponding fees are based on the water tap size.

  • The total sewer tap fee is paid to the City of Grove City through the Building Division.
    • Funds received are dispersed to the City of Columbus by the Building Division will be .

For more information concerning sewer rates please view the Water and Sewer Rate Chart (PDF) or contact the Columbus Department of Utilities directly at 614-645-8270.

Domestic Tap SizeTotal Fee
3/4 inches$6,331.52
1 1/2 inches$17,249.90
2 inches$27,601.20
3 inches$55,202.40
4 inches$86,252.90
6 inches$172,507.50
8 inches$276,012.00
10 inches$396,766.40
12 inches$741,781.40
16 inches$823,129.80