Policies & Standards (Resources)

  • Fee Recovery Policy (PDF)
  • This policy applies to all proposed public and private site improvement projects within the City of Grove City.

Standards Drawings

New development in the City of Grove City must conform to design standards. Some of these standards include manholes, curbs and gutters, sidewalks, streetlights and intersections.

Record Drawing Policy

The City of Grove City requires Record Drawings for all Sanitary Sewer Plans; Street, Storm, and Water Plans; and Stormwater Management/Water Quality Facilities (regardless of the maintenance responsibilities).

Historical Preservation Area Color Chart

The Color Chart for the Historical Preservation Area (HPA) details colors permitted for building exteriors for all new construction, reconstruction, remodeling and exterior maintenance of existing structures within the HPA.

  • Approved colors are limited to black, white, and colors shown on the Chart in the categories of Colonial and Federal Styles, Early Victorian Period and/or Late Victorian Period. Identical colors from other manufacturers are also permitted.
  • Historical Preservation Area Color Chart (PDF)

Stormwater Design Manual

Design criteria for stormwater facilities within the City of Grove City, outlined in the Stormwater Design Manual to be used in conjunction with Grove City Code, Sections 971 and 973, Part 11, Title 1, Section 1101 and the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency's National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Phase II Stormwater Program.

Stormwater management facilities shall be designed to meet these requirements and submitted to the City Engineer, as part of the site improvement plan submittal. Included in the manual:

  • Stormwater system design criteria, peak flow rate control facilities calculation requirements, water quality control criteria, water quality and detention system design criteria, wet basin design standards, drainage easements, stream corridor protection zone requirements, operation and maintenance plans, erosion and sediment control.
  • Stormwater Design Manual (PDF)