The Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission (MORPC) developed a plan to prepare for 1M additional residents in central Ohio by the year 2050, titled Insight2050.

The product of GroveCity2050 is a community-focused planning tool used to update the City's plans and policies and proactively shape where and how the community will grow,

  • Adopted by City Council in January 2018.
  • GroveCity2050 integrates multiple aspects of planning for the future of the community, including land use, transportation and economic development.
  • The plan leverages regional insight and central Ohio's projected growth while remaining rooted in the community's values and aspirations.
  • GroveCity2050 Plan (PDF)

What is GroveCity2050?

GroveCity2050 is a plan proactively shape where and how the City grows. The GroveCity2050 Community Plan contains land use, thoroughfare and economic development recommendations that:

  • Build upon the findings of the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission's (MORPC) insight2050;
  • Ensures Grove City is strategically positioned to accommodate the region's growth and changing demographics, while keeping Grove City economically competitive, fiscally healthy and a desirable place to live, work, play and invest;
  • Engages the community in planning for the City's future.

For additional information, view the GroveCity2050 Community Plan (PDF) or visit the Development Department Form.

Guiding Principles

The GroveCity2050 Community Plan contains five Guiding Principles that frame the goals, objectives, actions; reinforce existing policies and articulate community values that guide the plan.

  • The City's small-town character is preserved while bringing additional employment opportunities, residents and amenities to the community.
  • Quality design is emphasized for all uses to create an attractive and distinctive public and private realm.
  • Places are connected to improve the function of the street network and create safe opportunities to walk, bike and access public transportation throughout the community.
  • Future development preserves, protects and enhances the City's natural and built character through sustainable practices, prioritizing parks and open space and emphasizing historic preservation.
  • Development provides the City with a net fiscal benefit.