Address Requests

The division assigns addresses for the City of Grove City.

  • Single-address requests are processed within five business days.
  • Multi-address requests including multi-family residential, subdivisions, commercial developments and other multi-address projects are processed within 15 business days.
  • All required information is needed to assign an address.
  • Requesters may submit their address requests after project approval by City Council, if applicable.

Single-Addressing Requests

Single-addressing requests must include plan sheets, coordinates, marked-up aerial image or other documents that clearly and accurately indicate the desired location for the requested address, as well as a description of the structure.

Multi-Addressing Requests

Multi-addressing requests must include final the Development Plan and Plat approved by City Council.

  • Complete Address Information Form listing each lot number and reserve in the request area and its corresponding Parcel ID as issued by the Franklin County Auditor.

Addresses will not be released for building permit use until

  • Valid Parcel IDs for all requested addresses have been received by the City.
  • The site has reached Substantial Completion as determined by the Public Service Department.

Download, print and complete the

Single Addressing ExamplesMulti-Addressing Examples
Single-family homeNew subdivision
Cellular towerNew commercial development
New suite in existing commercial buildingMulti-family residential development
Utility meter (not part of a development)N/A