The City of Grove City is pleased to announce its Small Business Working Capital Grant Program to help small businesses reopen and reestablish operations. The City continues its commitment to provide recovery assistance for small businesses struggling with the impact of COVID-19.

    Program Description

    The program provides up to $2,500 to help businesses offset operational costs involved with reopening/reestablishing business operations.The program is available through the City’s allocation of funds received through the Coronavirus Aid Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act. Upon the sunset of the CARES Act or through the complete disbursement of allotted funding this program shall terminate.


    The Development Department will serve as program administrator in accordance with the parameters established below in order to retain employment opportunities.

    Participation Requirements

    Small Business: For the purposes of this program, an eligible small business is considered a for-profit business employing a maximum of 25 full-time equivalent (FTE) associates, locally owned and operated within the corporation limits of Grove City and aligning generally with the characteristics below:
    • Conducts a majority of its business on site (pre-COVID) and therefore reliant on customers frequenting its brick and mortar establishment.
    • Employs associates who are unable to perform their jobs remotely due to the nature of their work.
    • Does not operate as a national, retail or restaurant, establishment. Franchisees who operate two or fewer of such local establishments may apply.
    • Administrative note: Full-time equivalent (FTE) employment means the total number of regular straight-time hours worked (i.e., not including overtime or holiday hours worked) by employees divided by the number of compensable hours applicable to each fiscal period.
    • Example: 23,000 hours worked ÷ 2,008 business hours = 11.45 FTEs


    A. Funding Amount: Grants are available in an amount up to $2,500 per business. Funds may only be used for business operations within the City of Grove City. Businesses may use the grant to cover prior expenditures for qualifying programs or services (listed below).

    B. Qualifying Programs and Services: Approved grants are provided as working capital to offset lost funds due to the COVID-19 disruption. Eligible recovery costs may include but not limited to the following:
    • Working capital/product and inventory
    • Advertising and marketing expenses
    • Technology upgrades to adapt to changing preferences involving customer interactions (website, on-line ordering, infrastructure/internet connectivity)
    • Purchasing of personal protective equipment (PPE) or sanitizer/cleaning products
    • Building modifications that aid in complying with social distancing requirements and promoting other safety measures
    • Administrative note: Other associated recovery efforts in addition to guidelines provided above may be approved as well.
    C. Criteria for Funding: Responses to the application should describe the need for funding.
    • Demonstrated loss of business, as a result of State or Federal governmental mandates whereby the business was required to shut down or restricted from conducting its normal operation.
    • Demonstrated loss of revenue that can be attributed to the pandemic.
    • Number of employment opportunities that have been created/offered/retained as a result of reopening or re-establishing normal operations.
    • Administrative note: Applications will be reviewed in the order they are received until the program funds are exhausted or the sunset of CARES Act funding. Applications will be accepted beginning Thursday, Sept. 10 at 8 a.m
    D. Disbursement: Once the application is approved the City will issue a single disbursement.

    E. Tax Implication: The grant may be treated as income subject to income taxes. The City of Grove City is not liable for tax implications resulting from the grant award. See your tax advisor for clarification.

    Grant Process

    STEP 1
    • Application: The materials contained in the submitted application will be used to determine eligibility for grant requests and establishing the amount the City may disburse. Applications will be reviewed in the order they are received. Additional submittal requirements are set forth on the application form. Applications will not be considered complete unless all items on the application are answered. A completed W-9 must be submitted as part of the funding request.
    STEP 2
    • Funds Released: Grant funds will be issued by check.
    For questions contact the Development Department at 614-277-3004.