The Grove City Planning Commission met Tuesday, March 3, to review six items on the agenda; one Special Use Permit, two Rezonings, one Preliminary Development Plan, and two Development Plans.

All six items received a recommendation of approval to City Council.

Kirk Williams submitted two applications for review; a Development Plan to expand a gravel storage area and add a fence, detention pond and landscaping on a 4.668-acre parcel, and a Special Use Permit to allow for the outside storage of trucks, containers and materials.

The Castro Home – Rezoning was a proposal to rezone this parcel from R-2 (Residential) to PUD-R (Planned Unit Development – Residential) with a zoning text.

Mojo on Broadway – Rezoning was a proposal to rezone this property from R-2 (Residential) to C-2 (Commercial).

Broadway Professional Park was a Development Plan for a 22,400-square-foot, multi-tenant building.

Lastly, The Quarry at Pinnacle was a Preliminary Development Plan for a residential subdivision consisting of 180 single-family homes and 29 condominium homes on approximately 60 acres.

For more information, or to learn about additional development projects in the community, visit the Ongoing Development page or contact the Development Department at 614-277-3004.