The Grove City Planning Commission met Tuesday, June 5, 2018, to review seven (7) items on the agenda; two (2) Lot Splits; one (1) Special Use Permit; one (1) Rezoning; one (1) Development Plan Amendment; one (1) Development Plan; and one (1) Preliminary Development Plan.

Pinnacle 402/403 and Grove City Medical Office Building, both Lot Splits, received unanimous approval from Planning Commission. The Pinnacle Lot Split, located at 4804 Bell Classic Drive, was to split .084 acres off one parcel to increase the size of the adjacent parcel, and the Grove City MOB Lot Split, located at 5500 North Meadows Blvd, was to increase the current parcel by .0977 acres.

The following five (5) items each received a unanimous recommendation of approval to City Council.

Kentucky Fried Chicken, located south of London Groveport Road and east of Rings Avenue, presented both a Development Plan and a Special Use Permit. The Development Plan was for the construction of a fast-food restaurant and the Special Use Permit was to allow for a drive-thru pickup window on the east side of the building.

1519 Borror Road, was a proposal to rezone 2.035 acres of land from PUD-R (Planned Unit – Residential) to SF-2 (Single Family Residential).

Grove City Medical Office Building was a Development Plan Amendment to provide for additional parking on-site, relocation of the oxygen tank and additional storm sewer structure and piping.

Lastly, Farmstead, located on the west side of Jackson Pike, north of Orders Road, was a Preliminary Development Plan for 415 single-family homes and 120 attached single-family homes.

For more information, or to learn about additional development projects in the community, visit the Ongoing Development page or contact the Development Department at 614-277-3004.