Public Legal Notices are a critical element of a proven legal process where notification of actions or pending actions by the City of Grove City are provided to citizens and taxpayers. The Grove City Charter requires Legal Notices be published on the Grove City website.


Download the Grove City Council Notice of Public Hearings and Public Notices, updated after each City Council meeting.

Download archived Grove City Council Notice of Public Hearings and Public Notices on the City Council web page.

If you have questions, please contact Tami Kelly, City Council Clerk by phone 614-277-3065 or email.


Download the Board of Zoning Appeals Legal Notices, updated each month prior to the BZA meeting.

If you have questions, please contact Laura Scott, BZA Secretary by phone 614-277-3068 or email.


Code requires clearing of weeds, maintenance of lawn

Section 543.02 of Grove City’s Codified Ordinances requires that “any person owning or having charge of land within the City shall keep such property free and clear from all noxious weeds and rank vegetation.”

The code section further states that the owner or occupant of any parcel of land located within the corporate limits shall not permit grass to grow to more than six inches in height.

Code enforcement officials will cite the owners of any properties found in violation of this ordinance. Failure to comply with the terms of the violation notice may result in prosecution, and contractors will be hired to clear the properties at the owners’ expense.