Public Legal Notices are a critical element of a proven legal process where notification of actions or pending actions by the City of Grove City are provided to citizens and taxpayers. The Grove City Charter requires Legal Notices be published on the Grove City website.


Download the Grove City Council Notice of Public Hearings and Public Notices, updated after each City Council meeting.

Download archived Grove City Council Notice of Public Hearings and Public Notices on the City Council web page.

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Section 521.06 Grove City Code requires clearing of snow and ice on sidewalk.

The owner, occupant or person having care of any building or lot of land bordering the street with graded or paved sidewalk must remove the snow and ice from the sidewalk, within the first four hours after daylight, following or during a fall of snow. The sidewalk must be made safe, by removing ice or sprinkling with sand or other suitable substance.

This includes snow or ice falling from any building.

Whoever violates section 521.06 of Grove City Code is guilty of a minor misdemeanor. A separate offense is deemed committed each day during or on which a violation occurs or continues.