Broadway & Park Apartments

Project Update (July 8, 2015):

Rezoning: The rezoning of the 3.25 acres west of City Hall was approved by City Council at their July 6, 2015 meeting. Also at this meeting a presentation was provided on the project finances, updating and recapping a previous City Council presentation from September, 2014.

Final Development Plan: The Planning Commission unanimously recommended approval to City Council for the Broadway and Park Development Plan to be located behind City Hall, on the former Lumberyard site. The proposed development will include three apartment buildings with a total of 120 one-and two-bedroom units. The final development plan is scheduled to be heard by City Council at their July 20, 2015 meeting.

Grove City Branch of Southwest Public Libraries

Project Update (July 10, 2015):

The initial phase of the underground utility relocation has been completed. This phase consisted of the temporary relocation of the pole line west of Broadway along Columbus Street.

The next phase involves installation of duct banks, with a tentative completion date of Friday, Aug. 28.

Construction of the new library, between Columbus Street and Grant Avenue, begins shortly after ducts are installed.