The Grove City Buddy Ball League is recruiting players and volunteers for the 2017 season. Registration begins Saturday, Jan. 7. Sign up at the Grove City Dream Field website.

Opening Day for the Buddy Ball season is Saturday, May 6.

The Board meets monthly on the first and third Wednesday at 6 p.m. in City Hall. Volunteers are encouraged to attend.

This league will offer children an opportunity to do something that was not possible before, to participate in an organized sport. What makes this program unique is each player has a “buddy” that helps them hit, throw and move around the bases. These buddies are community volunteers. In some cases the buddy will have to push the player in a wheelchair, help a player using a walker or just offer general assistance.

Playing baseball is only a dream for many children, but for those facing physical or mental challenges that dream will soon be fulfilled. The barriers of playing on a conventional grass baseball field are eliminated with the brand new Grove City Mirolo Dream Field at Mount Carmel Stadium! As youth baseball teams begin forming and playing in spring, there will be a special league open for players of all abilities.

Interested in helping with the Grove City Buddy Ball League? They need volunteer committee members, coaches and of course, buddies!

For information to get involved or to register your child, visit the Grove City Dream Field website or send an email to, leave a voicemail at 614-594-9515 or follow the Grove City Buddy Ball League on Facebook.