Hear the appeal of Donald T. Plank representing Arrowleaf Apartments L.P., Parcel #040-006839, a vacant lot off Shirlene Dr., for the following variances:

  1. ) Section 1135.10 (g)(2): to exceed the maximum of 8 units per structure. Applicant is proposing one structure with 28 units.
  2. ) Table 1135.10-I (Dwelling Type): to exceed the maximum number of 3-8 units per building.
  3. ) Section 1135.10(g)(4): for not providing a minimum of 50% of total units in a single floor (ranch) type design.
  4. ) Section 1135.10(g)(5): for not providing 2 parking spaces per unit when 56 would be required.
  5. ) Table 1135.10-I: for not providing the required off-street parking spaces of 2.5 per unit (a total of 70). Applicant is proposing 1.5 spaces per unit or a total of 42 parking spaces.
  6. ) Table 1135.10-I: (Building Height) to exceed the maximum building height of 35′ by constructing a building 39′ to roof peak and 33′ to midpoint of sloped roof.