1. Section 1137.08 (h) to exceed the maximum wall height of eight feet (8′) by one foot (1′) for a total of nine (9′) feet of wall height.
  2. Section 1137.08 (h) to exceed the maximum overall height of a garage of thirteen feet (13′) by three feet four inches (3′ 4″) for a total overall building height of sixteen feet four inches (16′ 4″).
  3. Section 1135.10 (a) to exceed the maximum square footage allowed for a detached garage of seven hundred square feet (700 sf) by one-hundred forty square feet (140 sf) for a total garage area of eight-hundred forty square feet (840 sf).
  4. Table 1135.10 – to encroach the rear yard set-back of twenty-five feet (25′) by fourteen feet (14′) in an R-1 zone.

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