Hear the appeal of Kevin Ferguson, K & K Builders, representing George C. and Luann Hapney of 3462 Woodlawn Avenue (Parcel #040-000668), for three variances relating to construction of a garage building.

  • (1) Table 1135.10-I to encroach the front building set-back of 30′-0″ by 21′-0″ for a total garage setback of 9’0″.
  • (2) Table 1135.10 (a) to exceed the total square footage allowed for a detached garage of 700 square-feet by 84 square-feet, for a total of 784 square-feet.
  • (3) Section 1137.08(h) to exceed the maximum allowable garage height of 13′-0″ by 6″ for a total of 13′-6″.

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