Hear the appeal of Larry Lab, Morrison Sign Co. representing OhioHealth, property owner, 1325-1375 Stringtown Rd. for the following variances:

a.) Section 1145.16(a)(3) to increase the maximum square footage for wall signs of 200 feet by 663 square feet to 863 square feet. (SIGNS F, H, J, K, L, M, N, O, P)
b.) Section 1145.16(a)(2) (A) (SIGN A) to exceed the maximum area for a monument sign of 50 square feet by 53.5 for a total area of 103.5 square feet
c.) Section 1145.16 (e) (1) (SIGN A) to exceed the maximum height of eight feet for the same monument sign by 5 feet 4 inches for a total of 13 feet 4 inches in height.
d.) Section 1145.14 (c) to allow three (3) additional monument type signs 8 feet tall and 32 Sf in area, to be distinct from other directional signs. (SIGNS B-2)
e.) Section 1145.14 (c) to allow 10 post and panel tertiary directional signs, 4 feet tall (SIGNS D) to exceed the height limit of 3 feet.