Source/Online Registration

The spring/summer Source is in the mail! Online, call-in and in-person registration is underway.

Download the spring/summer Source for city news, upcoming Parks and Recreation classes, activities and community events for May through August 2018.

To register, place a completed registration form with payment in the drop box in the parking lot in Kingston Center, 3226 Kingston Ave.; sign up by telephone at 614-277-3050 or visit the Parks and Recreation office in the Kingston Center, 3226 Kingston Ave.

To register online for the Parks and Recreation programs, visit the Online Registration page. Patrons must establish an online account I.D. The Parks and Recreation office must confirm all online account I.D. requests. Patrons are encouraged to set up their online account I.D. by visiting the Parks and Recreation office or calling 614-277-3050 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. Once the online account I.D. has been activated, participants register for classes using their e-mail address and a password. See below for complete online registration instructions.

The Source is also available in the Grove City Parks and Recreation office in the Kingston Center, 3226 Kingston Ave. and City Hall, 4035 Broadway.