Swim Lessons

bigsplah-swim-lesson-img1The Big Splash Learn-to-Swim program takes a progressive approach to teaching swimming. Participants advance at their own pace, and the program uses specific, universal safety and technical standards. Three two-week sessions are offered for a variety of swimming abilities. Register at the Parks and Recreation Office, 3226 Kingston Avenue. Once the season begins, registration can be completed at the Big Splash as well as the Parks and Recreation office and online.

Sessions are offered Monday through Thursday with rain make-ups on Fridays. Participants are not contacted before the lessons begin.

The cost for individual lessons is $60; $65 for non-residents and parent/child lessons is $30; $40 for non-residents.

Swim lesson cancellations are made at 8:45 a.m. for morning lessons and 7:30 p.m. for evening lessons. Please call
614-277-1818 for up-to-date information.
The website and social media sites will not update this information.

The deadline to register for Learn-to-Swim lessons is the Thursday before each session’s starting date, but may close sooner if class reaches maximum participation level.

Register at the Parks and Recreation office, Kingston Center, 3226 Kingston Ave. Once the season begins, Learn-to-Swim registration can be completed at The Big Splash as well as the Parks and Recreation office and online.

Learn-to-Swim Levels

  • Parent and Child Swim
    This program is intended to develop in young children (ages 2-3) a comfort level in and around the water, as well as a readiness for learning to swim. A parent must accompany the child in the water. This will provide the necessary knowledge and skills to orient your child to the water and safely supervise all water activities.
  • Swim Lessons Level 1 (Generally Ages 4-6)
    This level helps students feel comfortable in the water and enjoy the water safely. Skills include supported kicking and floating on front and back, water adjustment skills and experiencing buoyancy.

  • Level 2 (Generally Ages 6-7)
    This level teaches fundamental skills. Students learn to float without support and to recover to a vertical position. Skills include kicking and arm movement on back and front, water adjustment skills, turning over and proper breathing techniques.

  • Level 3 (Generally Ages 7-8)
    This level builds on the skills of Level 2 with additional guided practice. Students learn to coordinate the front crawl and back crawl as well as elementary backstroke, treading water and safe diving. Skills include coordinating breathing with stroke and personal safety skills.

  • Level 4 (Generally Ages 8-9)
    This level develops confidence and improves the strokes learned from the previous levels. Students are introduced to the breaststroke, the sidestroke and are encouraged to improve the front crawl and the elementary backstroke. Skills include turns at the wall, treading water, familiarity with rescue breathing and CPR.

  • Level 5 (Generally Ages 9-10)
    This level teaches coordination and refinement of key swimming strokes. The students are introduced to the butterfly, open turns and the feet-first surface dive. Skills include underwater swimming, breathing control and personal safety skills.

  • Level 6 (Generally Ages 10-11)
    This level polishes strokes so students can swim with more ease, efficiency, power and smoothness over greater distances. Students are introduced to additional turns as well as pike and tuck surface dives. Skills include turns and basic rescues.