Tax Information

The City of Grove City is a member of the Regional Income Tax Agency (RITA).

The Regional Income Tax Agency (RITA) deadline for 2018 taxes is midnight, Monday, April 15.

You may also pick up a copy of the form at City Hall, 4035 Broadway, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily or during business hours at the Grove City Library, 3959 Broadway.

Follow the links below to access General Tax Information, Tax Forms, Tax Ordinances, and Rules & Regulations:

You must file a Grove City income tax return if you:

  • Lived in Grove City for any part of 2018 and earned income during that period. Earned income includes: wages, self-employment income, farm income, income from rental property you own and pass-through income from partnerships in which you are a partner.
  • Did not live in Grove City for any part of the year and you earned wages in Grove City from which no Grove City tax was withheld.
  • You conducted business in Grove City. Conducting business includes: owned rental property in Grove City, operated a farm in Grove City, rented commercial property in Grove City or performed services in Grove City as a sole-proprietor or independent contractor, etc.

You do not need to file a Grove City income tax return if you:

  • Did not live in Grove City for any part of the year, and your only income earned in Grove City was pass-through income from entities filing as partnerships and S-corporations for federal tax purposes. The entity generating the pass-through Grove City income, however, must file.
  • Are a retiree living in Grove City whose only income is social security, retirement payments, interest and dividends. However, you should file the Grove City Tax Exemption form if you have not filed one in a prior year.

Important information:

  • Unpaid Grove City income taxes are subject to a 15% penalty and interest equal to the federal short-term rate plus 5%. Returns filed after the due date, or extended due date, are subject to a $25 per month late-filing fee (maximum of $150). Note: the penalty for employers who fail to remit the tax withheld from their employees’ wages is 50% of the tax that was not remitted.
  • All Grove City employers must deduct 2% from employee wages.

These are guidelines, if you have additional questions, please email the Grove City Finance Department or call 614-277-3025.