The Art Concern

Grove City Council’s Art Concern presents “Moore Choices,” a collection of watercolor artwork by the late Ned T. Moore (1928-2019), on display through Friday, July 19 at City Hall, 4035 Broadway, in historic Grove City Town Center.

After serving as an Army Special Services artist during the Korean War, Moore worked as art director for several Columbus-based art and advertising agencies and freelanced as an illustrator/designer. He spent approximately 27 years as an educator, where he was a professor of drawing and fine art at The Ohio State University and Columbus College of Art and Design.

Moore’s work captures every-day life with washes of brilliant transparent color, pulling the viewer into the moment with fresh and comforting brushstrokes. His work has been published in a number of consumer and special interest magazines and exhibited in national and international shows as part of traveling exhibits sponsored by the Ford Motor Company.

Members of the Grove City Council are proud to sponsor The Art Concern which features artists throughout Grove City and central Ohio. The Art Concern was created for the expressed purpose of promoting culture in the Grove City community.

We invite you to visit each exhibit, in City Hall, 4035 Broadway, in the Grove City Town Center. City Hall is open, for the exhibit, Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Visitors can schedule an appointment by contacting Tami Kelly at 614-277-3065.

Interested in exhibiting your artwork? Contact Curator Dean Kette or Tami Kelly, Clerk of Council for more information.

In Memorium: Special thanks to founder and curator of the Art Concern, Ray Kline, for his years of dedicated service to the Grove City cultural arts community.