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Labor Force/Market

Grove City's employment continues steady growth and diversification. From 1990 to 2000, Grove City represented the third largest share of regional job growth. In 2005, local jobs were estimated to have surpassed 20,000, and 2006 income tax receipts ranked third among Columbus suburbs.

Due to Grove City proximity to I-270, I-71 and I-70 the City enjoys a large and diverse labor market. According to the 2000 Census workers within the Columbus Region have an average drive time to and from work of 25 minutes. Based on this approximation as well as the assumption that residents living in the more rural areas of Central Ohio are willing to travel further to gain employment the Development Department estimates that the City has a labor market of approximately 858,156 individuals and is expected to increase to 932,902 by 2013.

Total Population by Age 2000 2008 2013
16 and over 858,156 903,371 932,902
18 and over 830,112 873,982 904,549
21 and over 776,617 813,517 843,542

Within this labor market obtained through Business Analyst Online extrapolations, 2008 figures indicate that 66.5 percent of this population worked in a white collar profession, 17.7 percent in a blue collar occupation, and 15.8 percent in services. Approximately 32.5 percent of the workers within the labor market, over the age of 25, have received a Bachelor's degree or higher.

Below are links which provide detailed information concerning Grove City's labor market. This information was obtained through the utilization of ESRI Business Analyst Online, a web-based GIS technology.

Grove City Map