Board of Zoning Appeals

The Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA) consists of three citizen members appointed by the Mayor to overlapping four-year terms.

Applicants may appeal to the BZA for variances from the terms of the City’s Zoning and Sign Code. The BZA also has the power to decide appeals based on the argument that an error was made by the Building or Code Official in refusing a residential building permit, certificate of occupancy or a sign permit.

The application fee for an appeal to the BZA is $100. The deadlines for application are included on the BZA schedule.

Download the Board of Zoning Appeals Meeting Schedule or Board of Zoning Appeals application.

The BZA holds regular meetings the fourth Monday of each month as needed unless a City-recognized holiday falls on that day. In the case of a holiday, that month’s meeting usually is scheduled for the Tuesday immediately following the fourth Monday of the month.

Grove City’s Codified Ordinances also provide for appeals of BZA decisions. The applicant, any aggrieved party or any elected official of the City may appeal BZA decisions to City Council within 21 days of the decision.